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Bluestone Retaining Wall Blocks

Our exceptional quality engineered blocks are designed to be a more contemporary, sophisticated alternative to concrete sleepers or expensive sandstone. Our engineered retaining wall blocks turn retaining walls into works of art, dramatically enhancing the overall look and feel of retaining walls – and are quickly becoming the first choice for clients working on modern homes in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Manufactured Locally

Engineered Retaining Wall Blocks are proud to manufacture locally, with our plant located in Sumner Park. Engineered Retaining Blocks have a fully automated, cutting-edge block making machine that uses computer accuracy to ensure consistency and quality of our engineered Retaining blocks. Forget waiting at quarries, we can organise complete site transport for your order.

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Block Grabs

From product design and manufacturing, right through to getting your order or blocks delivered to your site with minimal fuss – we’ve got you covered. Our quality block grabs ensure that the blocks won’t be damaged and streamline the entire process. Get in touch with our team to place an order today.

Engineered Retaining Wall Blocks:

  • Stock: 3,000 Engineered Retaining Wall Blocks
  • Stock: Manufactured Locally
  • Colour: Grey/ Bluestone
  • Texture: Medium Grain
  • Benefit: Cheaper than Sandstone
  • Weight: 234kg (each)
  • Sizing: 1000mm x 350mm x 350mm, 1000mm x 350mm x 240 mm & 1000mm x 350mm 165mm
  • Daily Block Grab Hire
  • Brisbane Manufacturing Plant
  • Site Transport (Crane Truck or Flat Top)
  • 12 Mpa to 15 Mpa Compression Strength
  • Ideal for Backing Blocks or Geo-Grid
  • Packed into Bundles of 5 Blocks (1,170kg)

Quality Retaining Wall Blocks For Quality Retaining Walls

Is your commercial or residential property on a slope? If it is, it might have soil requiring retention. Landslides and soil erosion are a problem for sloping land, which can cause extensive and expensive damage. The only way to hold this soil back is by installing a quality retaining wall. Fortunately for the people of Brisbane, Engineered Retaining Blocks manufactures expertly engineered blocks for all retaining wall needs.

Bluestone Blocks

At Engineered Retaining Blocks, we use bluestone as the primary material for our retaining blocks. They’re the classy, sophisticated alternative to concrete sleepers, sandstone blocks and stone. We’ve opted for this material as it’s more affordable, while still being able to enhance the look and feel of your landscaping design dramatically. As it’s grey colour goes well with any home design and style, your retaining walls won’t stand out against your home.


Our blocks come in three different sizes, and a variety of colours and they’re easy to dry stack and use. There’s also no need to worry about their draining capabilities because they’re manufactured without using mortar, making them self-draining. It’s perfect for modern homes in Brisbane and the Gold Coast looking for an elegant solution to soil retention problems.

Local Manufacturing

Engineered Retaining Blocks are proudly Australian, and our plant is located in Yatala. We manufacture our products locally which means they’re always easy to find, in supply, and providing job opportunities to the community. No longer will you have to wait at quarries for retaining blocks, as we’ll be on hand to organise complete, quick transportation to the site on a flatbed truck. We use fully automated, state of the art block making machinery, which cuts each block according to specification. It means that each block is identically engineered, for a truly consistent and sophisticated look.


For properties in the greater Brisbane area, Engineered Retaining Blocks is the solution to retaining massive amounts of soil on any property. Whether your structure is on a slope, or land prone to flooding and landslides, our concrete retaining walls in Brisbane & Gold Coast, are the best solution. Call us today for a quote.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Blocks

Perhaps you have a sloping area on your property and you’re considering creating a retaining wall that will hold the soil together and keep it from further moving down. If you’ve begun your research on the process and materials involved in creating a retaining wall, then you’ve probably heard about concrete sleepers. They are typically long and thin and are engineered to keep the soil behind the wall.


However, if you’re dealing with a large area where the retaining wall needs to be sturdy and compact, using retaining blocks may prove to be more beneficial for you. Here are some of the ways that concrete blocks can help you create a better-looking and sturdier wall than concrete sleepers:

Blocks are thicker and more durable

As mentioned earlier, concrete sleepers are much thinner. And despite concrete being a versatile and sturdy material, concrete sleepers still tend to be prone to cracks, which could mean more replacement and cost over time. Concrete blocks, on the other hand, are much thicker and compact which makes it more durable than concrete sleepers. It also lasts longer without much need for maintenance.

They look elegant

At Engineered Retaining Blocks, we produce high-quality blocks that are grey in colour making it easier to create a modern, sophisticated vibe in your space. Since they are blocks, they also look much more elegant when stacked up compared to concrete sleepers.

More economical

If you’re planning to create a retaining wall over rock, you’ll have to spend money on drilling the rock on which the concrete sleepers will be placed. Our concrete blocks can be placed on any flat surface and remain stable for the long term.


Building a retaining wall is necessary to ensure that your property is safe and looks visually appealing. However, despite its benefits, it is a project that requires careful planning. If you’re still trying to decide whether to get concrete sleepers or concrete blocks for your retaining wall, take time to assess the needs of your property and see which material can serve you better. Choose one that will make your space look better, become safer and more functional. Find out more about concrete blocks at Engineered Retaining Blocks by booking a consultation with us.