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A Leading
Brisbane Based Retaining Walls Company.

Engineered Retaining Walls

We are a local business supplying Landscapers and Builders with wholesale priced blocks for retaining walls.

We have over 3000 Engineered Blocks for retaining walls. Our blocks provide an alternative to Sandstone blocks, concrete sleepers or bulky stone or big block walls. They are ideal for smaller and larger lots, with backing blocks or geo-grid. The blocks are grey in colour which creates a more sophisticated, contemporary look for the more modern estates.

About our Engineered Retaining Blocks


  • Block texture is medium grain
  • They exceed Australian standards 3700-2001 with 12 Mpa to 15 Mpa compressive strength
  • Weight 300 kg each

We have three sizes to choose from  

  • 1000 mm x 350 mm  x 350 mm
  • 1000 mm x 350 mm  x 240 mm
  • 1000 mm x 350 mm 165 mm (Steps or Cappers)

The blocks are manufactured on the Gold Coast and Brisbane by our fully automated block making machine using computer controlled data ensuring the consistency of the product at all times.

The blocks are bundled in packs of 5 weighing 1500 kg for convenience of relocating on site, by utilizing bobcats or machinery with forks.

Our block manufacturing plant is located in Yatala.  Transport to your site can be arranged by crane truck or flat top.


Retaining Walls Brisbane



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Our Client Testimonials

Kind words from some recent clients!

James AndersonWynnum

I have recently discovered Engineered Retaining Blocks and I would never go back. My clients couldn’t be happier with the end result of the retaining walls that I built for them. The overall look and feel of the end result is far more polished than other materials that I’ve worked with. I couldn’t be happier with my choice to use Engineered Retaining Blocks!

Geoff WaterfieldsBrisbane

We have recently engaged Engineered Retaining Blocks to supply blocks on some of our larger scale industrial projects. Our dealings with Julian and his team have been nothing short of exceptional and the retaining blocks themselves have proven to be an excellent choice on our recent projects. We will continue to use Engineered Retaining Blocks.


Engineered Retaining Blocks are situated in Yatala, Brisbane, and we manufacture engineered retaining blocks, for use in building retaining walls. We have been in the retaining wall industry since 1986 back then the market was only requiring rocks and boulders with only a select few companies experienced enough to work the rock to a reasonable straight wall. We were one of the few pioneers of the retaining wall industry since then we have identified an escalating market trend for a more formal and user-friendly retaining wall product. There are sandstone blocks available but most of them are not precise in sizing or quality and if you can acquire perfect sizing they will be far too expensive (up To Triple our prices at times ). We have built a solid and reputable business based on trust and honesty, we strive to create the absolute best value for all our clients big or small. Our engineered retaining wall blocks are a more economical and effective substitute for sandstone blocks, concrete sleepers, besser blocks and link blocks, as they’re easier to use, lift and transport, and are more cost-effective.

Saving you time and money

Our retaining walls Brisbane and Gold Coast are unique, Our retaining wall blocks are the medium sized block that is perfect for all large retaining wall projects and also on small sized plots of land because they take up less space. They’re also handy for limited access jobs as well because of their size and weight. Due to the weight difference in comparison to sandstone blocks, a larger load of our blocks can be transported on a flatbed truck, which also means that smaller equipment can be used during retaining wall construction. Hence, one of the reasons our retaining wall blocks save you money on transportation, labour and machinery.
When building with concrete sleepers or besser block walls over a rock surface, the rock needs to be drilled or excavated quite deeply. This creates extra time spent on the job with the added expense of equipment, rockbreakers labour and time. However, our engineered retaining wall blocks can easily be placed directly over the rock without any additional labour required, therefore saving time and money.

More reasons to use engineered retaining wall blocks as a substitute:

– Variety of colours available
– Simple to use
– Easy to dry stack

– Manufactured without mortar (so their cores are filled)

– Self-draining

Why Choose Our Retaining Wall Blocks

At Engineered Retaining Blocks, we manufacture in a local plant, using an automated block making machine ensuring precise quality and size in every single block produced We supply contractors, landscapers and builders at wholesale prices, who use our engineered retaining blocks for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Our engineered retaining wall blocks are very durable and used for feature walls, retaining walls, building blocks, block fences and many more uses. As they only consume a minimum footprint on your valuable land allowing more space for other purposes and are a pleasant eco grey in colour. They are also an ideal medium product between concrete and sleepers or bulky rock retaining walls, lighter and cheaper than sandstone blocks and concrete sleepers, they are also great for waterfront properties and retention basins as they contain portland cement binder and will continue to harden for many years to come. Gold Coast & Brisbane Sandstone blocks can flake and erode away over time and timber sleepers will rot and concrete sleepers are very thin and can crack over time, our engineered retaining blocks are the obvious substitute.
Gold Coast & Brisbane Engineered retaining wall blocks are a great substitute for sandstone blocks, besser blocks, concrete sleepers and timber sleepers because they are cheaper and easier to use, lift and transport, as well as being more cost-effective and attractive for the professional contractor or the home handyman. Whether you need them to add structural integrity and increased value for properties on hills in an area with a high risk of landslides, or you need to retain earth and improve the appearance and value of your modern home design, contact Engineered Retaining Blocks.